Looking For The Best Collagen

True Science by Life Vantage not only supplies your body with the needed collagen, but also allows your body to make it’s own collagen.
To learn more about the Health Glow Stack, visit call us or stop by to see Before and After pictures.
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 BrainTap Device With Awakend Mind App

In just a 20 minute session, this light, sound and vibration device is clinically proven to:
Reduce stress by 38.5%
Improve Neurological markers by 27.3%
Improve Sleep
Improve memory
Move the body from fat storing to fat burning
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Pan of Life Grounding Foot Pan—A Unique Foot Bath

Get grounded while you take a relaxing foot bath.
Add water, and anything you like, such as epsom salts with essential oils.
Then, plug in the connector to your grounding plug on your electrical outlet.
The benefits of grounding are numerous. We are exposed to high EMF’s and dirty electricity all day long, which has a negative effect on our long-term health.

 Researchers are saying that grounding can:

reduce inflammation • reduce cortisol • increase energy • increase healing speed • decrease pain • restore balance to the body • improve chronic fatigue • reduce anxiety and depression • treat sleep disorders • reduce chronic pain • improve cardiovascular health

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